About Company

Zylotech Limited company was set up in 2006 for doing business in the countries of either Central or Eastern Europe and also in the CIS countries (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan).  Zylotech Limited is a private company. 

The main activity direction is a pharmaceutical business.  Our company has been cooperating on an exclusive basis with such the Japanese manufacturers as Meiji Seika Pharma Co., Ltd; Nippon Kayaku Co., Ltd: Kiowa Hakko Kirin Co., Ltd.

Zylotech Limited company carries out all the activity range on promotion of the pharmaceutical products and medical devices: products registration, marketing assistance and products promotion on the market.

Also we are engaged in pharmacovigilance of the products presented by our company with the following information transferring to the manufacturer and competent pharmaceutical authorities.

The main Zylotech Limiteds mission is providing people the access for the qualitative medicines and devices been able to improve health and favored the life expectancy increase.

Zylotech Limited - is a growing company having a differentiated portfolio of the different products. There are medicines for the oncological diseases treatment, antibiotics, medical devices and OTC products. The aforementioned products are being actively promoted in a retail and hospital market segments.

Employees of our company are professionals oriented onto clients and presenting of a high level service for them. In the basis of our activity there are principles of honesty, transparency and esteem.